Saturday, February 7, 2015

Furious 7 (2015) (R)- Official Trailer

I may be late to the game on this one but I finally watched the trailer for Furious 7 (2015). Goddamn! Just Goddamn! Diesel? Check. The Rock.? Check. Statham? Check. Kurt F@#$ing Russell? Check. That's one third the size of The Expendables (2010) and twice as awesome. I don't care how ridiculous these films get, in my twisted mind they serve a purpose in keeping the memory of late 90's action films alive. Admit it, there was a time when Michael Bay was looked at as an innovator. When explosions and property damage were tolerated as long as they brought down the bad guy. Where you never had to change a clip on that machine gun because 'Who F@#$in' Cares!'

I'll admit the action films of yesteryear have started to wear thin. Especially, in this age of nit-picking plot holes down to nubs almost as sport, but with that said, The Fast and Furious franchise embraces it without shame. They are there to just be awesome. You aren't to question them, just watch and enjoy. It's that simple. And the movies are freakin' fun. My special lady and I catch them whenever they're on without hesitation. Usually at her behest (Jealous fellas?). So, strap in and turn the crazy up to 11. We don't judge.

If you'd like to donate to worthy cause check out Reach Out WorldWide founded by Paul Walker.

R.I.P. Paul Walker

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