Friday, June 19, 2015

The Peanuts Movie- Official Trailer (2015) (NR)

I will be honest, upon hearing the news that a Peanuts movie was in the works a ways back I thought, “Good grief. Hasn’t Charlie Brown had enough bad luck?” It is not always easy to make a Hollywood version of beloved childhood classics and have it pan out with good results (I’m talking to you Garfield (2004), Alvin (2007), Marmaduke (2010) and Ginch (2000). Yuck.). Now I’m not one of those, ‘Vinyl sounds better than MP3’ purists when it comes to everything, but certain properties have a special place for so many and need to be handled with care. After seeing the latest trailer for The Peanuts Movie (2015), my nostalgia pains have been put at ease for now. They seem to have done their homework. And for this fan, I hope it’s true or it will crush a small part of my childhood (and therapists cost a tad more than 5 cents these days). Keeping optimistic, here’s the official trailer for The Peanuts Movie:

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