Monday, January 12, 2015

Pods On Film: Film Sack

Hello moviegoers. This week on Mock Films Blog I have decided that sometimes it's not enough to just watch and review a film. Every now and again you want to have an in depth, spoiler filled discussion about said movie. But, like in my house, not all movies are for everyone, which makes it tough to talk about a film having been the only one watching. This is where the wondrous medium of podcasting can be the Ebert to your Siskel.

A podcast, for those not in the know, is an online radio show that one can download or stream to just about any device from a PC to a smart phone. (Need to know more? Look it up. We live in the future.) So, that being explained, every month the MFB will be highlighting one of the many film based podcasts out in the digital ether for your listening enjoyment.

For this, the inaugural post of Pods On Film, I have chosen a show that is near and dear to my ears and one of the first podcasts, let alone film podcasts, I discovered many years ago. From the Frogpants Studios comes Film Sack ( @filmsack). Hosted by Scott Johnson (The head honcho at @scottjohnson), Brian Ibbott (Host of the popular music podcast @Coverville), Brian Dunaway (Host of the Comics Coast To Coast podcast @thebriandunaway), and Randy Jordan (@Randydeluxe), these intrepid men scower the depths of Netflix Streaming in order to find movies that they deem 'Sackable,' which can mean a film that might be a bit out of the ordinary, ripe for a discussion, or just friggin' weird. And if I might make a suggestion, watch the films first if you can. It brings the experience up a notch.

All the shows are done with a sense of fun and lightheartedness that comes from the hosts being close friends in real life, adding to the feeling of being there with the guys. They don't take themselves too seriously, but in the same right, do the homework on the flicks chosen, which brings a nice balance of jokes and movie facts to the table. Another element that makes their show work is that the personalities, even in disagreement, never get abrasive with one another. They discuss without going for the easy argument, which is nice. (The world is angry enough.) All and all, the fellas know how to play off one another to bring out their comedy best.

Every now and again (If you're really good) the Film Sack crew records a running commentary of extra Sackable films or just a particularly dumb episode of, say, The Dukes of Hazzard or Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Any Wesley Crusher episodes are ripe for the sackin'.) These are not to be missed.

So, if you are looking for something to break up the day at work, have a general interest in movies, or if you just never heard of these new fangled podcasting programs, Film Sack would be a great starter. Having been a huge fan of all of these guys for years (Including their many other podcasts) I can't recommend Film Sack enough and urge you to head over to iTunes and start Sacking. (Sorry. That sounded dirty.)

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